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Electronic component procurement

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Electronic components procurement: original authentic / an agent


Purchasing materials through formal channels, greatly reducing the undesirable phenomena caused by the quality problems of electronic components, and providing original technical service support. Strict IQC incoming material inspection, first-in-first-out material management and control mechanism, constant temperature and humidity control, anti-static control. With a professional team, we provide BOM perfection, component replacement and selection, and complete BOM material solutions for thousands of customers every year, providing customers with research and proofing, and providing fast delivery for small and medium-sized batch products.


Purchasing materials through formal channels such as first-class agents and top traders.
100% is procured according to the brand and item number specified in the customer BOM (unless the customer agrees in writing to purchase other alternative materials due to the procurement cycle).
Proof of origin of the first-level agent and complete original technical support.
At the same time, it has a good centralized purchasing advantage, and has a shorter procurement cycle, the latest material year, and the advantages of stocking.
· RC warehouse covers an area of 1600 square meters
· Read more than 10,000 kinds of YAGEO, MURATA, AVX resistance
· Standing inductor, magnetic beads, connector, crystal oscillator, two triode
· On-demand purchase, no need to place an order
· Professional component certification engineer, BOM engineer