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Relations with customers and suppliers
Unfair Payment and Unfair Acceptance
No bribery or rebate may be offered or given to any person.
Rebates and bribes from suppliers are not acceptable.
Make a reasonable judgment and don't give people the illusion of bribery.
Employ reputable agents and firms.
Commercial remuneration should be legitimate, reasonable and in accordance with the requirements of customers and their departments.
International Trade Control
To understand and abide by laws relating to international trade and international financial transactions.
Watch out for any apparent conflicts between foreign and Chinese laws and report the situation to the local legal adviser immediately.
Not participating in trade boycotts prohibited by foreign laws.
Be aware of any violations of laws and ABV policies.
Prevent money laundering
Know your customers: Follow the procedures of the business department to verify the legitimacy of customers, business partners, etc.
Limitations on payment methods: Understand the limitations on cash, third-party cheques, multiple bills of exchange, etc.
Learn to identify suspicious transactions.
If you see suspicious signs / transactions - raise your doubts before completing the transaction.
Rights of privacy
Comply with all applicable consumer protection laws and other laws protecting privacy and data.
Understand and follow your business department's procedures for privacy and data protection.
Only personal consumer information is used for legitimate and licensed purposes.
Ensure that personal consumer information is processed in accordance with relevant privacy notifications and procedures.
Maintain the security of personal consumer information, including information stored in computers.
Relations with suppliers
We should legally, fairly and effectively develop relationships with all suppliers.
Strive for the support of suppliers and remain invincible in the competition.
As long as it is competitive, try to use ABV's own products and services.
Respect supplier's intellectual property rights and legitimate business secret protection requirements.
Only contact suppliers who comply with applicable local laws and ABV regulations on equal employment opportunities, environmental protection, health and safety.
Interaction with Government Departments
Trade with all government representatives in accordance with high ethical standards and abide by applicable laws, including special requirements for government transactions.
Be truthful and accurate when dealing with government officials/departments.
Use effective procedures to ensure that: 1) reports, certificates, statements and recommendations are current, accurate and complete; 2) clearly define the requirements of the contract and fully communicate with those responsible for the implementation of the contract.
Without the written approval of an authorized government official, the product or service specified in the contract shall not be replaced or deviated from the requirements of the contract without authorization.
Global competition
Compliance with competition law
Comply with all competition laws, decrees or orders affecting ABV.
It is not allowed to conspire with competitors to manipulate product prices, sales terms and conditions, costs, profit margins or other competitive matters.
Avoid the misconception that there are unfair agreements or understandings, try to reduce the contact with competitors to a small extent, and ensure that the contact with competitors has legitimate reasons.
Before reaching an agreement that may affect competition, consult the company's legal adviser:
For example, agreements with customers or suppliers restrict the freedom of either party to purchase, use or resell any product.
Understand and abide by the following provisions of the business department:
Drafting contracts with competitors
Collect and process competition information
Participation in industry associations and standards-setting organizations
In the ABV community
Environmental Protection, Health and Safety
Comply with laws and corporate policies to protect and strengthen health, safety and the environment.
Create and maintain a safe working environment.
Avoid work-related injuries.
Minimize waste and discharges and use toxic materials.
Effectively solve the problems left over from the past.
Cooperate with society to protect the environment.
Eliminate unreasonable risks in ABV products and services.