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Shenzhen Chaozhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Zhongyuntai Technology Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen







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Our Values: Professionalism, Quality, Honesty and Innovation
Strive for professionalism: to win the full trust of customers with professional work standards.
Guarantee quality: To provide customers with satisfactory service with high quality work and products.
Adhere to honesty: honesty is our capital in the world.
Encourage innovation: Ensure the high vitality of enterprises, teams and individuals.
Our business philosophy
Looking at the Global Market
Based on International Business
Abide by professional ethics
Building Harmonious Management
Our Corporate Culture
With great enthusiasm, we strive to promote customer success, ensure that customers will always be their beneficiaries, and use quality to promote growth.
We insist on professionalism, pay attention to details, never tolerate bureaucracy, always look for and apply good ideas without paying attention to their sources.
We attach importance to global intellectual capital and its providers, and build a diversified team to make full use of it.