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Shenzhen Chaozhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Zhongyuntai Technology Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen







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Supply Chain Team

1600 square metre resistance storage bin

Finished product assembly

ABV's electronic OEM service is the highlight of the enterprise: from planning to logistics operation process, using our global network to purchase components from good suppliers to assembly line and acceptance test, all processes are in line with IPC standards, in line with the international standards of our customers in different industries. (ISO 9001, IRIS, ISO 13485, ISO 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 9100*, OHSAS 18001*)

The execution of all processes is based on the principle of lean production. Assembly, surface mounting, plug-in packaging and testing lines are currently the world's advanced level, which means that our partner companies can use effective potential advantages to develop; develop their own products; and stand at the forefront of the industry; reduce internal investment; optimize the time to market: now it is important to seize the market before competition, because they have complete, high-quality. Design, proofing and production of complete boards, including professional, large number of original devices, are our expertise, but also our desire.

Professional component supplier

Senior team: supply chain team of more than 50 people

Professional Team: Component Certification, IQC, Customs Declaration

Regular channel: original factory and first-class agent, long-term cooperation

Full BOM Component Supply: Professional, Fast, Save the Work

We have the technology and equipment to assemble all kinds of original components on the market, including shell/plastic/mould.

With our excellent professional team, we provide BOM perfection, component alternative selection and BOM material solution for thousands of customers every year, providing strong guarantee for customer R&D proofing and small and medium batch product delivery.

Resistance warehouse covers an area of 1600 square meters

More than 10,000 kinds of Yageo、Murata、AVX capacitors are available

Standing inductors, beads, connectors, crystal oscillators, transistors

Originated from the original factory and the first-class agent

Purchase on demand, no need to place an order as a whole

Regular Supplier Access and Annual Audit Mechanism

Strict IQC incoming inspection

Warehouse management: constant temperature and humidity, static control

FIFO Material Control Mechanism


Professional Component Certification Engineer, BOM Engineer

Over 50 people supply chain team

Management's experience in material purchasing for more than 10 years

Complete organizational structure: project department, engineering department, procurement department, quality department and customs declaration Department

Professional Component Certification Engineer

BOM Engineer in Cosmetics Industry

( QC )

Channel: Shell / Hardware Mould can be sent out.

Supply Chain Service Advantage


Rapid response mechanism

Standing capacitance, inductance, magnetic beads, connectors

Routine R&D procurement, complete in two weeks

Professional Component Certification Engineer

Perfect IQC Inspection System

Assist in improving customer BOM accuracy

Buying and Selling Whole, Solving the Problem of R&D Samples

Professional Supply Chain Team Support

R&D and procurement can also enjoy VIP customer service

Strict vendor audit mechanism

With the original factory and first-class agent as the main

Annual supplier audit mechanism

1600 square meters central warehouse

Complete series Yageo、Murata、Avx、

Temperature and humidity control, first in first out mechanism

Material arrival, immediate arrangement

Upper patch welding line

Accelerate product development process