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Shenzhen Chaozhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Zhongyuntai Technology Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen







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Xray: Open-circuit and short-circuit detection for BGA, QFN and other devices


Located in Shenzhen, Chaozuo PCBA is dedicated to research and development of proofing, batch SMT patches and after-welding, assembly and testing one-stop services.

· SMT Production Line: Five SMT Production Lines, Plant Area 4000_
· Equipment: Samsung 471, 481, 482, 482 plus, AOI/SPI/XRAY/Intelligent First Parts Tester, etc.
· BOM Material Supply: Resistance/Capacitance/Magnetic Bead/Inductance/Connector/Crystal Oscillator/Diode in Stock
· Rapid delivery: 8 hours delivery, 48 hours punctual delivery rate more than 95%.
· Minimum mounting: 03015, 01005, 0201, 0402
One-stop EMS services: electronic research and development, PCB design, board making, patch, component supply;

There are five SMT patch production lines, equipped with new Samsung 471,481,482,482 plus, full-automatic solder paste printing machine, 10-temperature zone reflux furnace, wave soldering, AOI/SPI/XRAY/intelligent first-piece tester and other equipment. The capacity of SMT patch is 21 million solder joints per day, specializing in high precision and complexity veneers, with the actual performance of ultra-complex veneers producing 40 000+solder joints.

Quality control of SMT SMT patch welding:

* The production line is equipped with high-end equipment, high precision and high yield processing. * Quality inspection and control should be carried out in each processing link to avoid defective products flowing into the next link. * Set up a number of quality personnel throughout the sampling.

Bonded cardboard: test SMT mounting position is correct, greatly reduce SMT trial production time and waste of components, effectively ensure the quality of SMT

Intelligent first-piece tester: detection of errors, leaks, polarity, direction, screen printing, etc., mainly used in the detection of first-piece; compared with manual detection, the accuracy is higher, the speed is increased by 50%.+

SPI-fully automatic 3-D solder paste thickness gauge: detection of printing quality problems of various solder pastes, such as missing print, less tin, more tin, liantin, offset, poor shape, plate surface pollution, etc.

AOI: Detection of problems after mounting: short connection, leakage, polarity, displacement, wrong parts