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Shenzhen Chaozhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Zhongyuntai Technology Industrial Park, Baoan District, Shenzhen







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Electronic research and development

We do R&D, continuous innovation, technology development, environmental protection design, industrialization and technical assistance for OEM customers.
We deal with every stage of the product life cycle including feasibility study, execution design, putting boards into production and completing the product.
Continuous investment in research on electronic technology platforms (digital, analog, control, measurement, electronics and communications) is aimed at meeting challenging product requirements and production processes.
Our development process has been certified according to industry standards (IRIS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485), including functional safety requirements (SIL).
ABV design provides products and systems to meet any technical requirements and achieve challenging and reliable objectives.
Our design and laboratory testing services are applicable to all areas of expertise, including communications, transportation, medical, industrial automation, energy and defense.
ABV provides a complete team of specialists from project managers to design experts for each project to manage each stage of development, certification and production.
Technical assistance, technical transformation of projects and products are important factors in developing long-term relationships for our customers. The life cycle management of professional electronic products is implemented by specific teams to provide after-sales assistance, install personal training and update products in real time using the correct new maintenance methods.

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